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Claiming Kingdom Territory

And the Lord said to Joshua, “Do not fear and do not be dismayed. Take all the fighting men with you, and arise, go up to Ai. See, I have given into your hand the king of Ai, and his people, his city, and his land.

Joshua 8:1

Last month I pointed out that it is our responsibility to take back ground from the enemy. I wrote about how, as Christians, we need to make a conscious effort to guard our genetics by being informed. There is no question that our genetic make up is under assault and that demonic influence over willing human vessels (like those involved in the WEF, WHO, the UN, and others) have been working at overriding our freewill thought processes using the nanotechnology infused into forced injections and now in other vaccines. This is not something we can just ignore and think that it will go away. Our silence only allows for blatant evil to flourish. Thousands of Christians sat back and remained silent when the LGBT agenda marched into schools and set up shop with their GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) clubs and began to bully pastors and Christians into submission and silence in churches across the country.

Look around, are things better today, or worse? Did your silence help, or make things worse? It is beyond my comprehension how far too many pastors remain silent or are completely ignorant about the trouble our country is in. Many do not vote or even consider getting involved in the community at the grassroots level. Christians are being pushed into their holy huddles and told to shut up and stay inside with their ideologies. There are very evil people who have been hard at work to dehumanize human beings and to intimidate and silence Christians for the past few decades.

For those of us living in America, we have been given a beautiful gift from God. We have been prosperous because our founders recognized that we are image bearers of a holy Creator. Our Declaration of Independence clearly states this, and our founding documents are also based on a recognition of the Judeo-Christian God as a moral law giver. Even those who were skeptical, like Immanual Kant, knew all too well that in order for a society to thrive, people need to at least act as if there is a God, or civilization would break down.

That is exactly what is happening today. Our society is breaking down because people have been led to believe that there is no absolute truth and that everything is relative. Where is the Church? The secular realm has been gaining ground while the Christian community has been shrinking. When our country was being formed, it was the pastors of the “Black Robe Regiment” that informed their congregations of what was going on politically and emboldened them to stand for truth and the chance for liberty that God had placed before them. We have lost ground, and I must say, it is because pastors are either too afraid to speak up, or they are uninterested in what is truly going on around them, so they remain willfully blind. The Church should be making strides in our communities, but they are not. They stay in their allotted lanes and keep their head down as not to make waves.

Where is their faith? When God gave the Israelites the promised land, the people had to fight for it. They had to push back the evil that had flourished for hundreds of years in the territories that they would be moving into. They had to trust that God was there to help them win their battles, but the people had to take the steps to fight the battles in the physical. They knew that their ancestors were cowardly and did not trust that God would be with them, so they were left to wander in the harsh wilderness until they all died out (with the exception Joshua and Caleb). The window of opportunity is closing for us. Trust in God, step up and get involved. There are numerous organizations out there where you can make a huge difference while reclaiming territory for God’s Kingdom.


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