Has Critical Scholarship Exposed A Corrupted Bible?

In an era of Christaphobia and intense skepticism of the authority of the traditional Judeo-Christian God, how do those who claim to believe in the God of the Bible even begin to have legitimate and relevant conversations with those who are hostile toward this God? Under Investigation addresses the very nature of the Judeo-Christian Bible and the scrutiny that it has undergone over the past two centuries. What have been the critical methods used to test the validity of the Bible? What tools do skeptics and historical scholars use to either validate or invalidate an historical work?


Under Investigation is a workbook designed to walk you through the processes that have been used in validating the Judeo-Christian Bible. Knowledge is power and knowing what tools have been used and how they have been used to confirm the Bible as authentic and reliable is invaluable for those who want to meet people where they are, while pointing them to the Kingdom of God.

ISBN: 978-1-9736-5140-6

264 pp. Christian Apologetics, $25.00