February 2021

Beyond The Basics

If you are ready to go "Beyond the Basics" of the average Bible Study, and dive deeper into the historicity and integrity of the Bible... Then Join me and a few of my colleagues as we teach you some tools to help you to stand firm as you defend why you believe what you believe no matter who you are speaking with.

The four month course begins February 27, 2021 - Sign Up Today!

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January 2021

Engaging our Culture

Join me on YouTube for my series "Faith & Culture"

A series based on engaging our culture with conversations that count.

**I will soon have all of my episodes loaded onto Rumble due to the Anti-Christian hostility that we are experiencing.

October 2020

Join me at the 

National Conference on Christian Apologetics 2020

If you missed my talk or if you missed the Conference, you can still sign up and hear all of the lectures from this conference.

I addressed what has happened to our educational system and why we need to

"Holdfast to Education"

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Under Investigation

Perfect for Biblical Studies and
Bible College Curriculum

Defending your belief in the Bible and the God of the Bible is an absolute necessity in a Christaphobic culture. Click on the cover to purchase your copy today.

February 2020

If you missed the live interview click on the link below.

Viewpoint Radio Interview:


Look for "Why Trust The Bible" 


Recorded on February 20, 2020

Interview with Chuck Crismier from Save America Ministries