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January 2022

New Semester Begins!

Many Christians are uncertain about how to engage cultural issues related to the nature of humanity. Our unique approach teaches this topic through a wide-angle lens which includes the Bible, theology, philosophy, apologetics, science, and culture. We aim to deepen your trust in the truth claims of Christianity so you are able to confidently participate in cultural conversations.

6 Live (In-Person & Online) Teaching Sessions:
Image of God, LGBTQ, Artificial Intelligence, Marxism, Gender, & Origins

Starting Jan 8, 2022 @ 10:00am EDT/EST

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See What's Coming On The 
Faith and Culture Video Series:

December 2021

The Effects of Propaganda

Join me on Rumble and BitChute for my series "Faith & Culture"

A series based on engaging our culture with conversations that count.

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Coming In January 2022 

How Easy Is It To Control The Narrative?

Stay tunded as I will be interviewing Award Winning Journalist, David Kapelian, Author of 

The Marketing of Evil

and Psychologist and Author Laura Sanger, PhD.

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Tools To Learn How To Defend What You Believe

Under Investigation

Perfect for Biblical Studies and
Bible College Curriculum

Defending your belief in the Bible and the God of the Bible is an absolute necessity in a Christaphobic culture. Click on the cover to purchase your copy today.


February 2020
Blast From The Past

If you missed the live interview click on the link below.

Viewpoint Radio Interview:

Look for "Why Trust The Bible" 


Recorded on February 20, 2020

Interview with Chuck Crismier from Save America Ministries

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