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Will The Real Church Please Rise Up!

The prophets were God’s mouthpiece to warn and encourage his people when the nation of Israel was being formed. They were rarely popular because they always came with calls for correction. Many of them feared for their lives because those who were in power wanted them to remain silent (Jer. 36). The rulers surrounded themselves with false-prophets who would tell them that all was well and that they had no need to worry about the God of Israel (Jer. 6:13-15). God’s appointed prophets, however, told a different story. They were there to sound the alarm to the nation of Israel. The rulers were defying the word of God by accepting Pegan beliefs and rituals to infiltrate the culture of Israel.

The appointed leaders and false-prophets misled the people and as a result they began bowing to Baal and practicing the worship rituals of the nations around them. Rituals such as temple worship of pagan gods, cult prostitution, self-harm, child sacrifice, and other perversions (Deut. 23:23; Judges 2:12-14). These were behaviors strictly forbidden by Yahweh. God was in the process of teaching his chosen people that they are to be holy because he is holy (Lev. 20:26; 1Pet. 1:16). Even today, He separates his people from the world to teach his chosen how to live, in order to reap the abundant living that he intends for us (John 8:12).

As Christians, our job is to be the light in this ever-darkening world. If you have not noticed the evil staring us all in the face right now, then you are deliberately ignoring what is going on. That is exactly what the nation of Israel did when they allowed evil into their midst in antiquity. Jesus warned his disciples and future disciples that we all need to take heed and watch for the signs (Matt 24:32; Mark 13:28). I have been an American citizen all of my life, and I must say, I have never ever seen the amount of evil that I am witnessing today. That does not mean that it wasn’t there, it just means I was not paying attention. The past thirty plus years have seen a slow and determined march to devaluing the family, the acceptance of loose morals, the welcoming of sexually diverse lifestyles, the blatant compromise of the Gospel of life, and many more tactics designed to divide and pervert a culture as well as the watching world.

America has been seen as a beacon of light to the world and has been an envy to those nations that have wanted to overcome us by force. We have enjoyed freedoms and liberties that many can only dream of. I attribute our God-given freedoms to the fact that we are the only country on the planet to have our foundations based on the acknowledgement of an almighty creator. However, evil and wickedness are patient and plotting. Always thinking up ways to destroy and devour (Gen 6:5-6;1 Pet. 5:8).

Today’s prophetic voices are raising the alarm as many of God’s people are now listening intently to the voices of Satan and refusing to hear the warnings from God. People are allowing themselves to live in perpetual fear instead of using their ability to reason and rationalize all of the contradictions coming out of the secularized world. The world that worships Satan (Baal), those known as Luciferians. Where is the Real Church? Why do we continue to allow false prophets and those in power, who have Satan’s agendas as their goals, to rule over the unaware? The most wicked and evil plans have been laid for those fashioned in the imago deo, that means all of us. The battle rages and few churches are rising up to sound the alarm. Where are the people of God? Have they fallen asleep like the disciples did on the night of Passover as Jesus struggled in the garden (Matt 26:40-45)? He knew the wicked plans that Satan had conjured up with the aid of those humans who were not faithfully waiting for the true Massiah because they had become caught up in the ways of this world (Matt. 23:4-6). They missed it.

Are you missing it? Are we repeating the mistakes of the past? Have we gotten to the place where we will no longer listen to reason and insist on choosing to fall into the snare that Satan has placed at the feet of humanity in the form of fear? Fear is not from God, but Truth is and it is being hidden in the form of gross censorship. There is a fierce battle taking place. The battle is for the soul of all of humanity. The battle is raging all around and there are millions of casualties, yet they are being hidden by the enemy. You will not hear about them on the nightly news, you will have to look elswhere. Unless we rise up and speak out, it will not be long before death and illness comes to your own front door.

Why is the Church complacent? It is time to stand up and call out from the rooftops. Do not fear! Do not believe the lies of the enemy who is hiding the truth! Beseech the LORD for discernment that distinguishes the light form the darkness. There is no room for hesitancy. Repent and Rise Up!!


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