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What Is It To Be Human?

"... my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge..."

Hosea 4:6

What is it to know God? As humanity, we have been given the great privlidge to truly know the Creator of the universe. Many claim to know God, but few, when asked to explain the Judeo-Christian God, are able to give a coherent response. Many resort to simplistic replies that leave people rolling their eyes and even further convinced that the Christian faith is merely another religious ideology that is left up to the interpretation of the individual. It is a sad testimony to Christianity that less than 5% of professing Christians ever share their faith about God with others outside of the confines of their Christian communities. Even fewer are able to speak knowledgably about the character and nature of the God of all creation.

Why is this important? Yes, it is important to share the Gospel with everyone in the hopes that they will come to a saving faith, but it is far more important for people to understand who God is. Without the knowledge of who He is, there is no way to understand who we are as human beings as we stand before a holy God. To not comprehend who we are is to leave ourselves wide open for the enemy to misdirect us from the beauty and complexity of our nature and purpose in light of how we were created. This means that many, if not most, people will never reach their full potential and will live completely misguided lives.

Even those who profess Christianity will live out their lives according to secular values while misleading others down the same destructive path. Satan finds the nominal Christian easy prey because they have either never taken the time to know God through truly understanding the Word of God, or they have chosen to ignore the Truth. The apostle Paul warns the Thessalonians that many will fall for a great delusion that will lead them to their demise (2Thes 2:9-11). Jesus warned his disciples that many would be fooled in the last days and that no one would survive except for the elect (Matt 25). The question is; who are the elect? The elect, are those who have taken God seriously enough to study the Scripture, diligently seeking his face.

Join me as we dive into what it is to be human, in this six part live lecture series that takes many aspects of our humanity and the issues that we are confronted with daily in our westernized culture. Learn how to knowledgably respond to a dying world. Sessions begins January 8, 2022. I hope to see you there.


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