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Protecting Your Sovereignty

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Do not forget whose you are. Paul reminds his readers and audience that once you have come to Christ and have accepted his invitation to the only real salvation offered to humanity, you immediately become a part of God’s family. There is a transfer that takes place. According to Scripture, we are born into a sinful nature (Rom. 7:18, 25) and into a world that is run by satan (John 12:31, 16:11). When we surrender to the Messiah, we are a new creation (2 Cor.5:17) and the Holy Spirit of God begins to guide us into the things of God as He takes up residence in our lives.

Anyone who has the Holy Spirit knows what it is to hear His voice that guides us in our daily decision making. God’s guidance magnifies the difference between right and wrong and this very presence of God automatically shines the light on the darkness and the reality of evil. There is a beauty in the way that the Holy Spirit directs us. God is never forceful; we are always left to the free will that we were gifted with as created beings who bare His image. Jesus referred to his own earthly body as a Temple (John 2:19) and Paul reminds us that when we choose to accept God’s invitation the Temple of God takes up residence inside of us. We are no longer our own and our lives should begin to reflect the glory of God with each passing day.

This transfer is a beautiful gift of grace in that we are no longer blinded by our sinful nature and we have God’s Spirit inside of us to help us break the bondage of sin. The closer we get to God the more aware we are of how to live rightly. We begin to see things differently and recognize the world around us for what it really is. We become targets for the devil, evil spirits, and their manipulative lies.

Our mind is sacred space and should be treated as such because that is how we consciously and subconsciously communicate with our Creator. Science shows that human beings can be fooled into a false narrative when fed a steady stream of misinformation. Just think about how marketing works. When we are lied to, we begin to lead a life based on that lie. That is why knowing God through the reading of Scripture is incredibly important.

Transhumanism is going to be a serious problem for humanity but for Christians especially. If our body is the Temple of God and we allow the enemy to contaminate that space with nanotechnology that will not only read our minds but be able to insert random ideas as well remove memories, we will lose our sacred connection with our Creator and risk allowing the enemy to transform who we are as human beings into some other type of sub-species through genetic editing. This might very possibly be something similar to the contaminated gene pool that was considered impure in the days of Noah.


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