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How Churches Stray From the Truth

It did not take long in church history for the purity of the message of Christ and his church to become distorted. The New Testament shares accounts of how the people were already distorting the message of salvation even while Jesus’ apostles were walking the earth. Today we live in a time not too unlike those people living in the 1st century. Studies show that it was about one hundred years ago that liberal theology (deviation from the Bible) truly began to take root in the West. We are now seeing the fruits of these uncorrected literary and historical criticisms in churches, and in some cases entire denominations, which do not even believe in the divinity of Christ. Neither do they preach or teach Christ’s exclusivity to salvation. Unfortunately, as a result of the high rate of biblical illiteracy in our culture, hundreds of thousands of individuals are blindly being misled and are living apart from God and his ultimate promise of freedom.

Many Christian churches in the United States have long strayed from the Truth. Be watchful. Scripture records Jesus warning hid disciples that in these last days there would be an abundance of false teachings (Matt 24). What are the signs of a false church? Many professing Christian churches no longer teach that Jesus was fully divine, reducing him to a mere human role model. Nor do they teach that Jesus truly resurrected from the dead. And many teach that all “good” people will go to heaven, this is pernicious lie and is not the message of the Gospel. When choosing a church, do so wisely and prayerfully to ensure you are not being deceived.

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